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“But what makes this production of Bachelorette more than just 80 minutes of girls behaving badly is the emotional depths director Mark Boergers finds in a seemingly shallow premise, grappling with issues of addiction, loneliness and what it means to be a true friend.” – Matthew Reddin, Wisconsin Gazette – Bachelorette, Milwaukee, 2016

“Mark Boergers’ production is naturally vital, creatively insistent and so perfect for today’s audiences. His direction is crisp and flawless” Colin Douglas, Chicago Theatre Review – Top Girls, Chicago, 2015

“Choices made by director Mark Boergers really separate this version of “Twelfth Night” from others.” – Shawn Jones, Evanston Roundtable– Twelfth Night, Chicago, 2013

“I was pleasantly surprised to find that Mark Boergers‘s direction ensured that the space is used creatively; “Twelfth Night” is quite a memorable evening…. Boergers manages to convey the feeling of wide-open space in the park as well as to keep the audience enveloped in the production.” Anuja Vaidya, Chicago Theater Beat – Twelfth Night, Chicago, 2013

“Directed by Mark Boergers and edited down to a manageable 95 minutes…. the performance sticks mostly to the play’s comic roots. But as has come to be expected…. the production manages to find ways to accentuate the unexpected – this time finding elements of melancholy and pathos within Shakespeare’s text.” – Shawn Jones, Evanston Roundtable– Twelfth Night, Chicago, 2013

“Creates a sense of timelessness where ancient and industrial merge, and it works very well. Kudos to director Mark Boergers for a concept that reinforces Sophocles’ amazing script rather than competes with it.” – Joy Campbell, Chicago Theater Beat – Oedipus Rex, Chicago, 2013

“Mark Boergers, who directed the performance, focused on the true comic elements of the play – the hapless, ridiculous male characters. Jealous, money-grubbing, proud, silly, and, of course, sex-starved, the male characters delighted with their flaws while being led to their comic demise by a series of clever and resourceful women.” –Shawn Jones, Evanston Roundtable– Merry Wives of Windsor, 2011

“Mark Boergers’ direction meticulously balances the comic relief, a reprieve from the melodrama as well as the drama” – Dave Dipino, – Slow Dance on the Killing Ground, Los Angeles, 2006

” …with graceful insights from director Mark Thomas Boergers…Boergers’ work with this cast gives Hanley’s surprisingly interesting script a good spin.” –Cristofer Gross, – Slow Dance on the Killing Ground, Los Angeles, 2006