Exposing students to broad artistic process and creative thought, focused on developing and fostering the unique individual


Artist-focused process that facilitates truth and personal connection; starting with real-time listening and response through improvisation and moving through understanding text and archetypal choices that expand and illuminate story.


Academic leader who organizes and creating unique curriculum choices that serves a diverse population of student backgrounds and experience, tailored to a liberal arts philosophy to expose students and facilitate an individual relationship with the study of artistic craft.


Created unique connections between the performing arts and other academic disciplines to showcase the ability of storytelling to illuminate concepts and create active personalization in study. Engaged community organizations to enrich and further the connection and ignite the community at large.

Classes Taught.

Acting for Non-Majors, Acting 1: Improvisation and Ensemble, Acting 2: Classical Text and Response, Acting 3: Advanced Scene Study, On Camera, and Auditioning*, Directing, Voice and Movement, The Theater Experience*, Public Speaking, Freshman Seminar: Finding your Voice*

*New Course curriculum developed and implemented

Unique Academic Experiences.

“Labarinto”: Collaboration with Dr. Marilyn Jones and Foreign Languages

A 60-minute immersive theatrical student event for all Freshman students- tracing the experience of first generation latinx citizens as they navigate day-to-day activities in the City. Read the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel article about Labarinto here.

Standardized Patient Training – Collaboration with Dr. Julie Lepianka, Nursing Faculty

A unique program of standardized patient actor training to provide nursing students in a “Spiritual Health” class the opportunity to experience real-time communication in the most difficult of situations. Read an excerpt from an article about this unique collaboration here.

“Finding Your Voice” Curriculum- Freshman Seminar

In response to increasing apathy towards in-class participation fueled by device feedback loops, an innovative paddle based curriculum without the option to “opt out” and provide an in road to discussion on controversial or difficult concepts.
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