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“I’ve worked with Mark in a number of different capacities over the past 6 years – he’s been my director, he’s auditioned me for both commercial and theatre projects, he’s been my audition coach and my fellow actor – and in everymeganKohl capacity Mark has been a strong partner, a valuable resource and a pleasure to work with. Though he is highly professional, he makes the rehearsal room and audition room welcoming and friendly. He is a valuable audition coach who works with patience and attention to the actor as an individual. Though he does – and demands – detailed and thoughtful work, his rehearsal and audition rooms are places to talk openly and to explore the work as equals and collaborators. I believe that it is this mix of professionalism and attention to detail along with his sense of humor and a willingness to be real and open that make Mark’s work rich, specific and full of liveliness and heart.” – Megan Kohl, Actress

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“A truly insightful, approachable, and collaborative director, Mark is a joy to work with and encourages actors to work bravely and honestly within the world of the play.  He assists the cast in creating and establishing a strong sense of ensemble as a starting point for us to work from.  His direction of Shakespearean texts is innovative and fully embraces the heightened language, in turn making it more accessible to modern audiences. Truly looking forward to working with Mark again!” – Tyler Meredith, Actress


“Mark is able to mobilize his actors around his creative vision for a show in way that allows them to take incredible ownership over the dramatic process. Their resulting confidence and poise allows them to make bold, daring character choices that nicely complement Mark’s fresh, innovative staging.”
Michael Miro, Programs Director, Ridgeville Parks District

AStephensonSM02“Every actor reaches a point where large classroom work and workshops isn’t enough and they need individual attention. For me working with Mark on a one-on-one basis was exactly what I needed. We worked together towards exploring specific on-camera techniques for ME rather than general guidelines that anyone could use. He has years of hands on experience and took the time to get to know me as a person and performer in order to craft our lessons toward my needs. I grew immensely as an auditioner, in camera comfort, and trusting in my own intuitions.”  –Adam Stephenson, Actor

belindabing“Mark is a delight to work with. He is dedicated to his projects and creates a calm rehearsal room atmosphere where all parties feel free to create.  As a stage manager, he values my opinions, my concerns, and me in general. Mark has always valued my time and well-being which is something I do not always find in every director I work with. He is one of the most positive collaborators in the industry.”
Belinda Bing, Stage Manager

Hester_J_195“Since I had the fortune of going into a project with Mark with the prior knowledge of his natural talent, eye for classical text, love for big stakes and heightened circumstances and having seen the process he developed in Chicago at DePaul, I never had to look back or question the risks I wanted to take as an actor in working with him. He was always on board, or one step ahead of me spurring me further.  It is his actor’s instinct that allowed him to at once keep individual paths through a story in vibrant reality, while pushing the limits of each actor’s skills beyond their own understanding of themselves artistically. He never backed down or allowed you to give up on yourself.  I’ve never worked with a more direct, coherent, and trusting storyteller than with Mark as a director. With Romeo and Juliet, his ‘BS factor’ as I came to call it, always kept the otherwise flighty and flowery impulses grounded in a real world that exists today, in that space, for that audience, which I think is difficult to accomplish with a role observed as being flowery, flighty, and never rooted. This fear was never in me while in Mark’s hands. ” Julian Hester, Actor

“Mark is a skilled and gifted teacher, director and mentor. Not only is he exceptionally talented as a performer, he is also a patient natalie_sallee-232-edit2and dedicated coach for other artists. His passion and respect for theatre makes him a teacher that you, as an actor, can trust to help you blossom and succeed. Mark has helped me with numerous auditions by guiding me towards full realization of my pieces (audition material). I leave a session feeling confident in my self and the work I’ll be presenting. He gets my five star review and high recommendation” -Natalie Sallee, Actress

joeflynn1Unlike many directors I’ve worked with, Mark has the ability to create synergy between collaborators starting in the audition room. Every time I have worked with Mark, he has assembled a cast and production team that treat each other not only as colleagues, but also as family. From the start of rehearsal through to closing night, we have a blast while making some remarkable theatrical breakthroughs.
I find myself not only being directed by Mark, but also being given the opportunity to walk my own path to find my choices. With Mark, there’s no part too small and no choice too important. It’s no surprise to me that there are so many repeat-actors working on ARC shows: We love what we create and the people we create with. As an actor there’s nothing I want more from my artistic journey than that. Whenever I feel the need to be a true artist in an industry that so often strays far from it, I simply beg Mark Boergers for an audition and pray that I get another incredible opportunity to work with him. -Joe Flynn, Actor

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